Gina is starting her own comic book series and is looking for talented fans to help her illustrate it! Gina wants a character sketch for her superhero alter-ego, GG Star! To enter, submit your drawing based on the specifications below. The winner will receive a personalized custom video from Gina, plus the opportunity to receive a contract from Prende Publishing to illustrate the first issue of her upcoming comic book! 

“When you are ready use the form on this page; Your drawing will be received by the editor of the Comic, all the interaction is with him”.

Character Specifications:

GG STAR should closely resemble Gina, is a very thin girl with muscular abs. The character should kind of have the build of a gymnast, with butterfly-type wings in 3 colors light purple, blue, and dark purple.

She will wear a very small white top and have thigh-high white stockings and she will wear a very mini-skirt of purple leather low on the hips and that will barely cover her butt. She will also have fingerless purple gloves. She will have a gold belt make of stars but with a clasp with GG on it. She will have black platform shoes. She will also wear a black choker at the neck with a gold butterfly with a G on each wing. Finally, she will carry a backpack on her shoulder with a single strap in which she will carry her cat which is also part of the future story. She will wear her hair long, over to the side with highlights.

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