About Me

I was Born in the morning (between 4-5 am) 17 may 1991 (Taurus) to a Russian small town in Siberia called Prokopievsk. I grew up with my mother and stepfather. I got stepfather when I was 1 year old.

I never saw my real father growing up. Not even in a photo. I never even heard from him. My Mom was pregnant with me at 16 years old. She fell in love with another guy who was 21 year old and they had sex once.

They didn’t expect to have a baby but she became a mother at 17 years old. He left her asap as he was not ready to have a family.

In one year my Mom meet my stepfather and we leave together for next 17 years. My Mom love me a lot , stepfather and I never were friends. Even if my relationship with my stepfather wasn’t good, all of his family loved and adored me a lot.

They were always hiding from me the fact that i am not a blood relative of them but at 14 years old i got the truth, for some reason it didn’t shock me, everything was the same-not any change. I didn’t even say to anyone that I got this news.

When i was about 7-8 years old my grandma moved in with  us (my Mom’s mother). Because my step father was part of the Russian Mafia, our life never was calm enough. Enemies of my stepfather fired at the house of my grandma when she was visiting us. From this day we all live together all four of us.

In general, our family had love and support for each other and I was everyone’s favorite person in the house.

All my schools were in my hometown but i had to change schools like 5 times because my parents had to move or because they decided to separate or get back together. For this reason it was a bit hard for me to keep friends and after every move I made new friendships but my studying was came first always. At every school I was successful.

In 2008, I graduated and moved to another city to go to university. As I had high scores I won the contest. Passed all examinations and got a budget place at the university. So I didn’t have to pay for my studies.

My university was 600 km away from my hometown but still in Siberia, in a town called Tomsk. A small students’ city.

I was staying at a house for students and studying international languages (mainly French) I was supposed to become a teacher and/or interpreter. I was very lucky to be busy with university from 8 am till 4 pm. I was working from 5 pm till 9 pm about every kind of student job: cleaning offices, distributing flyers in the street, home tutoring (teaching kids French), stationary seller and other small jobs. It was important to be payed every day or week at least. So i didn’t take any money from my family. Plus the university paid me for being a great student. All was good and I was happy as I accomplished all of my goals that I had during this period.

One day just walking on the street I saw a paper announcement on the wall-We’re looking for webcam models-and a phone number. I got curious and called. Like that I started to do webcam work in the evenings. I was a webcam model for 2 years. University in the morning, webcam work in the  evening, go back to the student house and sleep late evening and from the morning it would repeat. I had a lot of attention from boys and girls but I didn’t have enough time for my private life. At 19 years old i got a bf (a student from my university house where we lived together but different floors) and i had my first sex with a guy. Because it always hurts the first time-i left him. After i got another bf with whom I fell in love but secretly continued with webcam work.

One day I was doing my webcam job and some Russian guy from my chat offered to have me try porn in Saint-Petersburg. I agreed asap because it was my dream to try porn, I just never expected I would get the chance. I had been studying for 2 years and a half when I tried porn for the first time. For one week I flew to Saint-Petersburg and when I got back the Director of the University got the news I did porn-they fired me from the university. They said it is immoral to do porn.

I flew Back To Saint-Petersburg to do more porn. I was very happy and didn’t regret the end of my studies. After one month I came for the first time to Europe to do porn in Budapest. So from 2010 I have been in the European porn business. Very happy to do it and have never felt sorry about it.

From 2010, I joined a modeling agency which took care of me. From August 2015, I left the agency and started to arrange my business and my life by myself.